Electrical Safety

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Power supplied to different areas of the home must include specific safety items based on the use of the area.

  • Receptacles near water must be ground fault protected utilizing a GFCI breaker or GFI outlets.  These areas include kitchen, bathroom, garage, crawlspace, and outdoor receptacles.
  •  Breakers supplying power to sleeping areas must be arc (ARFI) fault protected.  This protection will cause the breaker to trip on a failure shorting to ground causing an arc, hopefully preventing a fire in your home.

Electrical outlets are now required by the North Carolina Electric code to be “tamper resistant.”  This is a feature that minimizes the chances that an object can be inadvertently inserted into the receptacle causing electric shock.

The meter base is the service entrance of electrical power to your home.  It is important to maintain this piece of equipment as well as the main breaker panel of your home.  These items should be serviced every 3 years.  This low cost check can save significant money on expensive trouble shooting and diagnostics of your electrical system when a problem arises.  Be sure to protect your family’s safety and ensure reliable power to your home with a routine panel service.

A vehicle charging station can be installed into your garage to provide access to safely charge your green vehicle.  Please call today for details.

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