Clean Water Filtration Systems

Whole home water purification system

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Healthy home water protection

Clean private and community Well water systems

  • Bad taste and odor remover
  • Bacteria removal
    • UV filter water system
    • Chlorinator water filter system
  • Iron removal with Iron filter
  • Acid Neutralizers to correct PH imbalance
  • Water conditioner
  • Chemical removal
  • Pesticide removal
  • Hard Water softener
    • Scale control media

Water systems to Purify Gresnboro City and High Point City water

  • Point of use healthy water systems
    • Kitchen sink
    • coffee station pure water
  • Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems
  • Carbon and Chloramine filters
    • In-Line filtration
    • Whole house wate system

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Why invest in a healthy wate system for your family?

  1. Problems that can be corrected with whole house water system:
    • Dry Skin – Eczema
      • hard water removes oils from your skin
      • excessive chlorine leaves skin very dry
    • Excessive shampoo and soap usage
      • Dishwasher soap is less effective due to minerals in water
      • Clothes washer soap is ineffective due to poor water quality
      • Shampoo doesn’t leave hair as shiny due to minerals in water
      • Hand and body soap drys skin excessively
      • White clothes come out of the wash tinted – NOT WHITE
    • Copper pipe damage and galvanized pipe damage
      • water supply pipes rot from the inside out
      • copper releases a green color causing staining
      • galvanized pipes corrode quickly
      • water pipes become filled with debris and pipes get clogged
      • water pipe leak can occur
    • Bacteria in water
      • negative health effects from consumption
      • Bacteria could harm unborn child with pregnant mother exposure
      • prolonged illness
    • Rust stains on plumbing fixtures like
      • sink stains around the faucet and drain
      • bathtub stains around the drain
      • toilet stains


(336) 701 – 5589

Give us a call, we will come out for a no-obligation, FREE water test.