Electric Vehicle Charging

Going green has been the trend for quite some time now!  Many of us are converting our personal cars and trucks to alternative energy sources such as:

  • compressed natural gas
  • liquid natural gas
  • hybrid gas – electric
  • full electric vehicle

To meet the electrical needs of these vehicles we provide our clients with reliable charging solutions.  Some solutions for electric vehicle home charging include:

  • Level 1 charging
  • Level 2 charging

Level 2 charging is by far the most sought after solution of the residential electric vehicle owners in our area.  Level II charging is much faster in comparison.

Some level 2 electric vehicle charging equipment stations are:

  • Tesla
  • Bosch
  • Charge Point
  • Clipper Creek

Duke Energy is offering a one time credit up to $1,133 per charger. Click here to find out if you qualify.