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In the state of NC a firm or company must hold an electrical license to perform or offer to perform any electrical work.   Allowing an unlicensed contractor to perform work in your home is illegal and can result in prosecution, fire, and electrical shock.  Personal injury and property damage can result from improper electrical wiring.  Homeowners insurance companies have been known to deny claims made by honest homeowners who hired a dishonest and unqualified electrician to work in their home.

Many contractors will attempt to work without a license because they do not have the technical knowledge to pass the NC state electrical licensing test.  This being the case, do you want them wiring your home’s electrical system?

Do NOT trust your Electrical contractors word, Do your own homework.

Here is a link for the NC Board of Electrical Examiners.  Start your homework here.  http://lookup.ncbeec.org/SearchCriteria.asp?

The license you are looking for is not a privilege license, but a trade license issued by the state of North Carolina.  If the contractor says you do not need a license for this work, do your homework.

Custom Electric of NC, Inc. holds an Electrical License in the state of NC.  License # 29163

This goes for all of your contractors:  general, plumbing, hvac, gas, and electrical.

NC state statues require that any project over $5000 be permitted, if your contractor asks you to permit the job, ask WHY?  The contractor should always pull the permit…unless they are not properly licensed or want you to assume the liability for the work.  Is this who you want working on your home?  Be careful when you hire.  Ask for license and proof of insurance.

Insurance is complicated thing, keep these few thoughts in mind:

  • Get proof of insurance, don’t take the contractor’s word
  • Auto insurance does not protect your property…means nothing to you
  • General Liability insurance protects your property…should be $1,000,000 +
  • Workers compensation insurance protects the homeowner and employer from workers injury claims on customer’s site and employer’s payroll
  • Insurance doesn’t keep us safe…we keep us safe.  Always call the office if you see something unsafe happen.

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