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Do NOT lose electrical power for days when a thunderstorm comes thru your neighborhood  

Those winter snow storms take weeks to clean up.  How long will the power be off in your area? 

     When mother nature strikes with extreme force it is comforting to know that no matter how hard she hits your home with continue to operate with the power needed.  Custom Electric of NC’s electricians can install a whole house backup generator that will automatically start and power your home  in the event of a power outage.  The backup system will automatically come on even if you are not home.  Your home security system will continue to operate as usual maintaining your safety and security.  You cannot put a price tag on security and piece of mind. Convenience is another quality that is hard to give a monetary value.  Thawing of your deep freezer or frigid winter mornings with no heat are no longer in your future.  Our electrician service makes the difference.

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Benefits of Whole House standby generator installed by Custom Electric & Plumbing.

  • Pipes don’t freeze causing a flood in your home, can save you thousands in home repairs
  • Refrigerators stay cold and freezers stay frozen saving you money from otherwise wasted food
  • No lost family pictures or data from computer failure
  • No cold winter mornings with no heat from loss of electrical power
  • Hot showers while the neighborhood power is out for days or weeks
  • Some insurance companies offer savings on your homeowners policy for a backup generator
  • Home medical equipment will not lose power in the event of an outage
  • Safety and security for your home or business

How it works

Simply put, a backup generator supplies emergency backup power to your home when the utility grid (Duke power) goes down.  A generator backup system consists of a backup generator, a transfer switch, and a power panel or breaker box.


The backup generator’s fuel source is typically natural gas or propane.  Natural gas is typically provided via Piedmont Natural Gas.  If natural gas is not available in your area don’t worry.  We can install backup generator that runs on propane gas also know as LP or liquid propane.  This will required a propane storage tank to be located on your property.  Most propane companies will provide the tank for free because you will be buying propane from them.  Backup generator ratings can range from 8kw to 48kw.  KW stands for kilowatt, this is how we measure electrical power.  Deciding the proper rating for your system is best done with the assistance and recommendations of a licensed electrician or design engineer.

Transfer Switch:

The transfer switch allows the electricity feeding your home to come from either the generator or the power company.  This transfer switch can be a manual transfer type or an automatic transfer switch.

Manual Transfer:

In the case of the manual type when the power goes out the homeowner or electrician must startup the generator and transfer the system to backup mode.  This is done by manually opening and closing breakers in the panel.  When the utility power returns the system must be manually transferred back and generator shutdown.

Automatic Transfer:

In the case of an automatic transfer switch, the controls are constantly monitoring the incoming voltage and when they senses a power loss they start a sequence.  This automatic sequence automatically starts the generator allowing it to warm up.  At the same time, the transfer switch changes the feed from the utility (power company) to the standby generator power feed.  Your home is now powered by your backup generator.  When the utility electrical power returns, the transfer switch reverts back to the power company.  The generator then begins a shutdown sequence that includes a cool down period, usually 5 minutes.

Installation of a backup generator system requires a licensed electrician and permits from the local jurisdiction.

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