Main breaker panel upgrade

Duke Energy sends you home quality electricity and we use it each day with little thought of it until we have a problem.  It’s human nature.

An aging electrical panel can be quite a headache.  Symptoms vary from reduced capacity of existing breakers (due to fatigue) to lack of space for expansion.  One of our electricians can provide service to make your headache go away.

A fatigued breaker is one that no longer provides the quantity of electrical power required by its rating before tripping.  The result is spurious tripping of the associated breaker when no danger exists.  Fatigued breakers that are no longer being manufactured means that they are far more expensive than their competitors who are still being manufactured.  Some of these types of breakers are in panels made by Zinsco and Federal Pacific.  Code requires that any replacement breaker be designed and tested for use in specific main breaker panels by qualified testing facilities.  It is not safe to just put any breaker in your breaker fuse box.

Upgrading from a conventional vent hood over your stove to a space saver microwave would seem  a simple task.  A microwave uses far more power than the previously installed vent hood and should be installed on its own dedicated circuit.  If space is not available in your breaker box to add this circuit, the simple swap can become costly.  Always check or call and we will be happy to assist.

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Typical electrical service upgrade or main breaker box upgrade can vary between 2 and 5 thousand dollars.  Be sure of who you hire before you spend that kind of money.

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