Electrician Services

Custom Electric of NC proudly provides the following Electrician services.

  • Whole house surge protector installed by a qualified electrician
    • Protect your sensitive electrical appliances
    • Get peace of mind when mother nature shows her strength
  • Electrical backup power generator installation and repair
    • EGSA Certified (Electrical Generator Service Association)
    • Provide annual maintenance on home standby generator
    • troubleshoot and repair generator and transfer switch (EGSA Certified)
    • Size and Install backup generator
  • Main electrical power panel upgrade
    • increase main service
    • 100 Amp to 200A upgrades
    • Replace old outdated box with code compliant new panel
  • Electrical sub panel addition and modification
    • Add disconnect for heat and air conditioning system
    • additional circuits for hot tub, sauna, etc
    • Outdoor illumination
  • Electrician services and trouble calls
    • receptacle and switch replacement
    • find and repair wiring shorts
    • replace lighting fixtures
    • install ceiling fan
    • Repair after storm damage
    • circuit breaker replacement
    • Split overloaded circuits
  • Electrical Vehicle charging station install including
    • Tesla recomended technicians to install high power wall connector
    • Tesla or Universal Nema 14-50 dedicated charging outlet
    • Clipper Creek
    • BMW i3 and i8 recommended electrician
  • Emergency service — one call and we are there! (336) 644 – 5600
  • Install lighting dimmer and ceiling fan speed control
  • Outdoor lighting and low voltage circuits
    • illuminate your retaining walls, steps, deck, patio, trees, and shrubs
  • Solar power lighting and water heating
  • Underground cable services
    • remove overhead cables
    • Bury new or existing wiring to detached structures
  • New construction electrical wiring
  • Home theater audio surround systems
    • Install lightning protection devices
    • Add power outlets and receptacles
    • Dimmer control for overhead lighting
    • Install recessed can lights
    • Wiring and setup of equipment
  • Service all manufactures equipment (Electrical Generator Service Association) EGSA Certified
    • Asco Power Equipment
    • Cummins
    • Cutler Hammer
    • Eaton
    • Federal Pacific
      • stab-lock
    • GE General Electric
    • Generac
    • Gentran
    • Guardian
    • Honda Power Equipment
    • Honeywell
    • Kearney
    • Kohler
    • Onan
    • Reliance Controls
    • Siemens
    • Square D
    • Subaru
    • Sylvania
    • Voltmaster
    • Vox
    • Yamaha
    • Zinsco
  • Payment options Include:
    • Cash
      • most secure form of payment
      • get a receipt
    • Check
      • most common form of payment
      • bank provides a proof of payment
      • can result in fees if funds are not available when check is written
    • Certified Check
      • guaranteed funds
      • usually originating bank charges a fee for certified check
    • Credit card
      • Rewards can be received by card holder
      • allows an avenue for dispute of charges for fraud
      • convenience fee applies to most charges
      • credit card company charges receiving agent a fee for accepting the card for a method of payment

Call for electrican service today

(336) 644-5600

2 comments on “Electrician Services

  1. so many services =O ! …seems like you guys have got some heck of a electrical engineering skills! wish you best of luck for your future.. and thanks for the post btw ! =)

    • Education and experience is Key to safe high quality electrical work. Thank you for the kind words.

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