Circuit Breaker Panel Tune up

Have you neglected your home’s main breaker panel? 

Poorly serviced or neglected main service panels cause electrical outages in homes every year.

The worst thing is…these outages are preventable.

Don’t be left in the dark or in the cold due to a preventable main panel or circuit breaker failure.  A qualified electrician at Custom Electric of NC should service your main panel every 2 years to correct small issues before they become failures such as:

  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Loss of power to an area of your home
  • Overheating of wiring causing fire hazard
  • damage to sensitive electrical components
  • power inefficiency due to poor connections

The service entrance or main panel of your home is where the supply of electrical power enters your home from the electrical power meter.  All voltage and current must pass thru this panel.  Any failure at this point will cause a loss of power to some part of your home and possible power surges.

Main panel electrician Tune UP includes:

  1. Safety inspection
  2. Infrared Temperature readings on all breakers
  3. check for loose or damaged breakers
  4. check for double tapped breakers
  5. inspect for proper fuse/breaker size
  6. checking all breakers for proper operation
  7. tightening all wiring connections in main panel
  8. testing arc fault breakers (ARFI)
  9. testing ground fault breakers (GFCI)
  10. exercise all breakers
  11. inspect for proper grounding and bonding
  12. Inspect for proper ground rod installation
  13. Check for missing knock outs and breaker blanks
  14. Inspect panel overall condition
  15. Inspect panel for heat damage
  16. Inspect panel for moisture and corrosion

Main circuit breaker panel service is part of Custom Electric of NC’s service agreement.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure has never been so true.  On average an emergency repair cost is 10 times that of a planned repair yet “too many of us fix it when it breaks.”  Let us help you save your hard-earned money and minimize inconvenient down time at the same time.  Start saving by scheduling your main circuit breaker panel service and sign up for a service agreement today.

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  1. Pam Lassila

    I am all about being proactive when it comes to my home! I think it is such a good idea to call someone in to service your circuit breaker once every two years. It’s much better to do that and not have a big problem that was very easily preventable.


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