Recessed Lights

Adding recessed or “can” lights into the ceiling of a room is a great way to :

  • make a room appear larger and ceilings higher
  • provide accent lighting for a room feature such as a fireplace or artwork
  • add light for activities such as reading or sewing etc.
  • provide an updated, modern look for the home

Recessed lights come in a variety of sizes and ratings.  The most popular size being the 6″ diameter can.  These are typically a little cheaper due to their popularity.  Ratings apply to several categories.

Recessed light Ratings :

  • IC  which stands for insulation contact – this is a must
  • AT which stands for Air Tight – this is not required by code, but is being discussed as a code change for energy standards.  At CEI we highly recommend this rating for either the can or the trim as it can be accomplished by either means.
  • Wattage – will be based on light bulb style, shape, and size.
  • AT CEI we recommend (CFL), Compact Flourescent light bulbs.  Soon LED will be our recommendation due to a superior technology, however today the payoff compared to the up front cost of the bulb is not dramatic enough to make sense for most clients.  Incandescent bulbs are only recommended for certain areas that require the more natural light, such as makeup areas.

Adding a dimmer can complete your recessed lighting upgrade.  All dimmers are not created equal.  When using a dimmer for CFL or LED bulbs a specific dimmer must be used.  Also the bulb must be of a dimmable variety.  Overlooking these 2 points can cause poor performance and shorted life of your light bulbs.  Allow our qualified electricians to contribute to the successful design and installation of your lighting plan.

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